‘Shadow Dance’ performed by Boston New Music Initiative

Shadow Dance had its US-premiere 7th april 2019.

The Boston New Music Initiative ensemble played conducted by Tian Hui Ng.
The Concert had been named The Beauty of the Line and took place in The Community Church of Boston, Boylston Street – 19:30.

Tian Hui Ng – conductor
Stephanie Clark – bass clarinet
Deirdre Viau – flute
Ryan Shannon – violin
Oliver Chang – viola
Anna Seda –  violoncello
Almira Izumchensky – piano

Shadow Dance‘ by Jessica McGarry Bartlet

Each piece in this concert was paired with an artwork. For Shadow Dance, Jessica McGarry Bartlet had painted an picture inspired by the music.

More about the concert on BNMI’s homepage!

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‘Passaic Falls’ – first performance by a very small Consortium in Green Bay, USA

The miniaturist ensemble a very small consortium based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA performs Passaic Falls for clarinet and violoncello.
First performance tuesday 2th april 2019, 18:30 at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts,  Green Bay.

Eric Hansen – clarinet
Michael Dewhirst – cello

More info about Passaic Falls here!


Solo for percussion (vibraphone and marimba) and recorded sounds.
The piece is dedicated to Jerker Johansson who also performed it the first time 20th Oct 2018 in Ale Kulturrum.

Sasso (italian for “stone”) is an exploration of the sound world of stones. Together with the wood in the marimban and the metal in the vibraphone, it becomes a trio for three materials. The notes played by the percussionists are “distilled” from recordings of stone sounds. The pitchless sounds turned out to contain fragments of tones which have been joined together into a longer context.

‘Sasso’ – first performance by Jerker Johansson @Ale Kulturrum

Under en fjärils vingar” – art exhibition, workshop and concert. Ale Kulturrum, The Theatre, 2018-10-20.

Jerker Johansson performed Sasso for solo percussion (vibraphone/marimba) och fixed media. First performance.

More info about Sasso here!

On the concert there were also music by Max Käck, Peter Hansen, Lei Feng Johansson, Mikael Forsman and Béla Bartók. Exhibition of art by Eleonor Holst.
Arranged by Konsert och Motionär.

‘Palimpsest’ – first performance by Carla Rees, London

Palimpsest för baroque flute (Flute d’Amour) and fixed media was performed for the first time by Carla Rees at Iklectik, London, UK – 7 juni 2018.

The concert was part of the Rarescales serie New Baroque featuring new music for baroque flutes.

Carla Rees – baroque flute
Michael Oliva – electronics

More info about Palimpsest here!

Buy the score here – Tetractys Publishing

‘Trialogue I’ to finals in Witold Szalonek Composer’s Competition

Trialogue I reached the finals in WITOLD SZALONEK International Composers’ Competition 2018 – 1st Edition. The concerts took place in St. Trinity Church during II  Kwidzyn Music Spring International Festival in Poland 4-5 june 2018. Members from Gdansk Reed Trio together with Iwona Glinka.

Iwona Glinka – alto flute
Marta Różańska – english horn
Andrzej Wojciechowski – bass clarinet

More info about Trialogue I here!


Solo for baroque flute (Flute d’Amour [A=415Hz]) and fixed media.
2018-0-07 Iklectik, London – Carla Rees – first performance

Palimpsest is a handwriting, usually on parchment, whose text was scraped and washed away to be replaced with a new one.
The recorded sounds consists of manipulated scratch sounds. The flute has two tonal layers (pentatonic/major scale) to relate to, and there is a gradual movement from the pentatonic to the major scale. At the end, the short melody is played, which is the origin of all other notes.

Buy the score here – Tetractys Publishing

From the first performance:

Oceans of time

Version 1 – vibraphone – 2016

Version 2 – toy piano – 2018
2019-07-06 Istituto Carducci, Como, Italien – Antoinetta Loffredo – first performance
2019-10-12 Conservatorio Vecchi-Tonelli of Modena – Antonietta Loffredo
2019-10-23 Toothblack House, Lincoln, NE, USA – Stacey Barelos
2019-10-28 Conservatorio Teresa Berganza, Madrid – Antonietta Loffredo
2020-10-17 Salotto in Prova, Milano – Antonietta Loffredo

Durata 3’00”

MIDI-realization (vibraphone):

MIDI-realization (toy piano):