Oceans of Time

‘Oceans of Time’ – first performance @Music as play festival 2019, Italy

Oceans of Time [version for toy piano] is going to be performed for the first time by Antonietta Loffredo during the festival Music as play festival 2019: The toy piano takes the stage 6-7 juli 2019.

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The Associazione Carducci in Como, Italy, is organizing a musical festival entitled
“Music as play – the toy piano takes the stage” with the aim of increasing the knowledge and practice of the toy piano.
Composers, musicologists and institutions in Italy and abroad have been invited to take part.
Conference and concerts will take place on the 6th and 7th of July 2019 and will be hosted by the Istituto Carducci in Como.

Oceans of time

The transformed sound of a clock ticking – a timeless sound depicting anything else but timelessness.
if present is the most real perception of time, almost all of what we perceive as the present is already past…

Version 1 – vibraphone – 2016

Version 2 – toy piano – 2018
2019-07-06 Istituto Carducci, Como, Italien – Antoinetta Loffredo – first performance
2019-10-12 Conservatorio Vecchi-Tonelli of Modena – Antonietta Loffredo
2019-10-23 Toothblack House, Lincoln, NE, USA – Stacey Barelos
2019-10-28 Conservatorio Teresa Berganza, Madrid – Antonietta Loffredo
2020-10-17 Salotto in Prova, Milano – Antonietta Loffredo
2021-03-07 Hot Air Music festival, San Francisco – Antonietta Loffredo
2021-04-03 Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble, South Korea – Sumi Lee – You Tube video release
2021-06-11 Da Vinci Classics – Antonietta Loffredo – CD Release

Version 3 – guitar – 2021
2022-03-17 21st Century Guitar Conference, Muncie, IN, USA – Kenneth Meyer – first performance

Durata 3’00”

Performed by Sumi LeeSeoul Toy Piano Ensemble

MIDI-realization (vibraphone):