‘Transition’ – Dance film

In Transition we are invited by choreographer and dancer Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson to take part of his personal story, accompanied by the music from composer Mats O Hansson and visualized by photographer John Areblad. It portrays a man’s endeavor to find peace, transiting from the darkest of thoughts into new hope. The backdrops of the


video, EAM – 2010 2010-12-23 Sounding December, Levande Musiks Christmas Calender on the Internet – first performance 2012-10-12


Passaic Falls

Version 1 – clarinet and violoncello 2019-04-02 University of Wisconsin, Green Bay – a very small Consortium –

Superman ‘Bulleteers’

Superman ‘Bulleteers’

A short sample of music that was meant for a project in Portland, Oregon, USA. A number of

‘Kommissarie Jansson och suddgummimysteriet’ – a crime story for children

Music to the short film “Kommissarie Jansson och suddgummimysteriet“, a crime story for children produced by Göteborgs Teaterverkstad. Directed by Åza Rydberg Kommissarie Jansson – Per Andersson Script – Benedikta Cavallin Music – Mats O Hansson A few short examples:

‘Så kan det gå’ – Short film with Stefan Ljungqvist and Mirja Burlin

Composed music to the short film ”Så kan det gå” with eg. Stefan Ljungkvist and Mirja Burlin. Premiere