Trialogue I

Trio for alto flute, english horn and bass clarinet – 6 min.

2009 sept – Rarescale, St. Leonards Church, London. – first performance
2012 dec – MidVinterMusik Festivalen, Göteborg
2014 aug – Gageego!, Kalv Festival, Svenljunga
2014 aug – Gageego!, Gerlesborg, Hamburgsund
2018 juni – Gdansk Reed Trio, Kwidzyn, Polen – Finalist in Witold Szalonek Composition Competition

Buy the score here – Tetractys Publishing

Finalist in Etymos Ensembles Call for Scores Okt 2017

“The piece is written with a technique/method that I call “Prismatic Canon”. This means that a melody is spread over time in the same way that light can be spread in different directions through a prism.
The foundation of the whole piece is a single melody; it is never played but is what all voices come from – the unheard common.”


Sheet music available at