Obiter Dictum

Obiter Dictum

String orchestra (5,4,3,2,1) – summer 1997
1997-10-17 Konserthuset, Blomdahl Hall, Växjö – Musica Vitae – first performance
1997-10-18 Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg – Musica Vitae

Durata 11’00”

Composed for Musica Vitae.

When looking at a mosaic in very close range, you only see the individual pieces, maybe just a few. As one moves away, one sees that the pieces together form new units. At the same time, they are still visible separately. Even further away, the pieces are no longer discernible. Complex structures become simple and together with other simple forms, they form new complex structures. This is going on continuously while you are getting farther and farther away.
In the same way, the music works, but here the tempo plays the same role as the viewing distance.
Even from other aspects, the relationship complexity/simplicity in different layers has been of great importance in the creation of the work.

Obiter Dictum means “said in passing“.