‘Tangram’ [alto flute/guitar] uruppförande av Rarescale @All Saints Church, London

All Saints Church, London, 23rd Mars 2009.

First performance of the alto flute/guitar version of Tangram – A Musical Puzzle for two instruments.

Ensemble Rarescale:
Carla Rees – alto flute
David Black – guitar

Rarescale is contemporary music ensemble based in London, specializing in music for low flutes.

More about Tangram here!


‘Di là dal fiume’ reached the final in composition competition @Royal Collage of Music, London

rarescale/RCM – alto flute composition competition – London 8 juli 2004

Di là dal fiume for alto flute reached the final in a composition competition arranged by rarescale ensemble in cooperation with Royal Collage of Music.

Carla Rees – alto flute

More info about Di là dal fiume here!

Other musicians on the concert:

Kerry Young – piano
Michael Oliva – elektronics
Clare Jefferis – alto and bass flute
Matt West – percussion
Gabi Swallow – cello
Emma Hancock – violin
Natalie Raybould – soprano

On the program was also music by Karen Gourlay, Juan Maria Solare, Lorenz Dangel, Patrick Nunn, Paul Rhys, Jon Jeffrey Grier, Darleen Cowles Mitchell, Andrian Pertout, Tasos Stylianou and Marc Yeats.