‘Oceans of Time’ performance @Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht, Vienna

Neue Musik in St.Ruprecht St.Ruprechtskirche, Vienna, Austria – Sunday April 24th 2022 – 20.00 Antonietta Loffredo presents selected

‘Fuoco’ world premiere @Non-Piano Toy Piano Weekend, Hamburg

‘Fuoco‘ for toy piano, elektronics and video is having its first performance 13th January 2022 during Non-Piano Toy Piano Weekend in Hamburg by Jennifer Hymer. Site: Resonanzraum, Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg, Tyskland

CD-Release @Da Vinci Classics

The Toy Piano Takes the Stage: Music for Toy Piano June 2021 Antonietta Loffredo (toy piano) plays music

Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble Video – ‘Oceans of Time’

Sumi Lee from Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble is playing Oceans of Time    

‘Oceans of Time’ @Hot Air Music Festival – San Francisco

Oceans of Time being live streamed from Hot Air Music Festival in San Francisco. 7 March 2021 –

‘Transition’ – Dance film

In Transition we are invited by choreographer and dancer Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson to take part of his personal story, accompanied by the music from composer Mats O Hansson and visualized by photographer John Areblad. It portrays a man’s endeavor to find peace, transiting from the darkest of thoughts into new hope. The backdrops of the

‘Papyeon’ presented @Research on Contemporary Composition, GA, USA

Papyeon is being presented at ROCC (Research on Contemporary Composition), University of North Georgia. 25 October 2020 –