For solo toy piano and fixed media (audio and video). Fuoco is italian an means Fire. The piece is commissioned by Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend in Hamburg. The festival theme for this year was Dawn of Humanity. Durata 5’00” 2022-01-13 Resonanzraum, Hamburg, Germany – Jennifer Hymer – first performance 2023-08-10 Kalv Festival, Kalv, Sweden – Jennifer


This Is Not a Waltz

Woodwind quartet, varying instrumentation. Version 1 – bass clarinet, bassoon, clarinet och flute – 2021 2022-01-30 Västerlösa Church,


The original version for toy piano, flute and clarinet is a commission from Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble. Papyeon is korean for fragment. Version 1 – toy piano, flute and clarinet – 2019 2019-11-23 Sharon Hall, Seoul, Sydkorea – Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble – first performance Version 2 – toy piano and piano – 2022 2023-04-23


For guitar – composed August 2020. Date for first performance TBA. Durata 5’40” Computer rendering:


Solo for percussion (vibraphone and marimba) and recorded sounds. The piece is dedicated to Jerker Johansson who also



Solo for baroque flute (Flute d’Amour [A=415Hz]) and fixed media. 2018-0-07 Iklectik, London – Carla Rees – first

Oceans of time

The transformed sound of a clock ticking – a timeless sound depicting anything else but timelessness. “if present

Between Darknesses

for alto flute and guitar – Work in progress


Monologue I

flute – 2016 2016-03-07 German Evangelical Church i Aten, Grekland – Iwona Glinka – first performance Durata 1’20”