Shadow Dance

Version 1 – marimba, guitar, percussion – 2000
2001-10-12 Concert Hall, Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg – Göteborgs Kammarsolister – first performance

Version 2 – marimba, clarinet, percussion – 2002
2003-02-06 St. Pauls Hall, Huddersfield, UK – Catalyst Ensemble – first performance

Version 3 – flute, violin, viola, violoncello, bass clarinet, piano – 2004
2012-12-15 Lilla scenen, The Opera, Göteborg – Midvintermusik Festivalen – first performance
2019-04-07 Community Church of Boston, USA – Boston New Music Initiative – US Premiere

Durata ca 6’30”

The guitar (clarinet – ver. 2&3) has the main role in this piece which is consisting of three interwoven parts. The melody originates from three simple and very short melodies that have been gradually extended by being inserted into itself over and over again in several different layers.
By using a technique I call prismatic canon, the main stem spreads like light through a prism. In this way, two projections (shadows) are created that accompanies the melody.
One is played by the percussion (piano – ver. 3) and the other by the marimba (flute, violin, viola and cello – ver. 3). These have a more commentary character and contrast the main melody that is steadily moving forward.

Göteborgs Kammarsolister (Gothenburg Chamber Soloists):

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