Omnes Res Bonae

Vind Måne Ande

Vind Måne Ande (Wind Moon Spirit)

Concert in Christinae Church, Göteborg – 24th Maj 1996, 19.00

First performance of Wind in my ears for wind quartet

Mats O Hansson – conductor
Sophia Bengtsson – oboe
Annika Lundström – clarinet
Bera Skorpen – bass clarinet
Erik Ullman – bassoon


And also Omnes Res Bonae with Stina Persson on organ.

On the concert program was also music by Carl-Axel Hall, Richard Ekre Suzzi and Henrik Martén

From the program:
VIND MÅNE ANDE is an attempt to combine four people and their music in three words. The immediate links to the music are woodwinds and the moon’s monologue from Blood Wedding (Federico García Lorca). For the not so immediate connections, a jogging trip is recommended in the moonlight.

Omnes Res Bonae

organ – 1995
1995-06-08 Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg – Stina Persson – first performance
1996-06-24 Christinae Church, Göteborg – Stina Persson

Durata 5’00”

Omnes Res Bonae is Latin and means All good things are …
Three is a number that played a crucial role in the work with this piece. The first third is written as a Trio, the last one being a coral with three variations. The melodic material is taken from 9 (3×3) hymns from the Swedish hymn book. These are just a few examples of the use of the three. Perhaps the piece will be joined by another two sometime in the future to then form a suite of three.