Flute solo

‘Palimpsest’ – first performance by Carla Rees, London

Palimpsest för baroque flute (Flute d’Amour) and fixed media was performed for the first time by Carla Rees at Iklectik, London, UK – 7 juni 2018.

The concert was part of the Rarescales serie New Baroque featuring new music for baroque flutes.

Carla Rees – baroque flute
Michael Oliva – electronics

More info about Palimpsest here!

Buy the score here – Tetractys Publishing


Solo for baroque flute (Flute d’Amour [A=415Hz]) and fixed media.
2018-0-07 Iklectik, London – Carla Rees – first performance

Palimpsest is a handwriting, usually on parchment, whose text was scraped and washed away to be replaced with a new one.
The recorded sounds consists of manipulated scratch sounds. The flute has two tonal layers (pentatonic/major scale) to relate to, and there is a gradual movement from the pentatonic to the major scale. At the end, the short melody is played, which is the origin of all other notes.

Buy the score here – Tetractys Publishing

From the first performance:

‘Monologue I’ – first performance by Iwona Glinka, Athens, Greece

First performance of Monologue I for solo flute by Iwona Glinka.
Venue: German Evangelical Church in Athens, Greece.

The concert was part of the the serie Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame.

More info about Monologue I here!

At the concert was also music by Aaron Alter, Rodrigo Baggio, Erik Branch, Dario Cebic, James Erber, Héctor Oltra García, Anicia Kohler, Nuno Moura, Dana Dimitri Richardson, Francesco Sclafani, Juan María Solare, Stamatia Statherou, Blair Whittington and Christopher M. Wicks.

‘Di là dal fiume e tra gli alberi’ performed by Ann Elkjär @Kalvfestivalen

Di là dal fiume e tra gli alberi (Across the river and into the woods) – the title is from a novel by Hemingway. It’s about death and the story is built upon successive layers of symbolism.

The music in this work is the sum of several layers of musical themes from my earlier compositions. The different layers is repeated with varying distances and tempi, and at times various themes shine through. Alternative fingerings are also used in order to achive rhythmical tone colorations.
This piece was written to Ann Elkjär who also performed it for the first time in 2001. A shorter version for alto flute was shortlisted in a competition arranged by ensemble Rarescale/Carla Rees and The Royal College of Music in London 2004.

The video is from a concert at Kalvfestivalen 14th aug 2015.